General Election 2017 - New format of the voting document

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General Election – 3rd June, 2017


New format of the Voting Document

Police officers will, in the coming days, be delivering at households, the voting documents for the General Elections of 3rd June, 2017.

The Electoral Commission wishes to inform voters that this document which is made of synthetic material is different from that used in former elections.  Whereas previously the document consisted of a plastic laminated paper base, the new document is secure in itself without the need to be laminated.  A copy of a specimen document is shown attached.

Every voter must take care to store this document in a safe place, such that on polling day, one can take it with him to vote at the polling centre indicated on the document.  No one would be able to vote without the voting document.

The Electoral Commission draws the attention of the public to the electoral law provision which states that every person who is in unlawful possession of any voting document, or who fraudulently forges, counterfeits, defaces or destroys a voting document shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine or to imprisonment or to both such fine and imprisonment.

Specimen Voting Document


8th May, 2017