Electoral Registers

The Electoral Register lists the names, surnames, Identity/eResidence Card numbers and addresses of those persons who are registered to vote in elections and referenda. It is published twice yearly, in April and October, in three distinct formats, both in paper form and on cd.

The General Election Electoral Register is published in 13 volumes (districts). This lists Maltese citizens entitled to vote in national referenda and to elect members of the House of Representatives.

The Local Councils Electoral Register is published in 68 volumes (one for each locality) and lists those entitled to vote to elect councillors in their locality. In this register there are, besides the citizens of Malta, those EU citizens registered as residents in the Maltese Islands.

There is finally the European Union Electoral Register listing those non-Maltese EU citizens registered as residing in the Maltese Islands who have opted to vote in Malta to elect members to the European Parliament. This EU register, together with the General Elections register, make up the Electoral Roll that entitles the registered voters to vote in elections for members of the European Parliament.

You can check if you are registered in the last published Electoral Registers by clicking on the button below.

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