Press Release - 24th January 2019

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The Electoral Commission refers to reports in the local press and to questions being submitted by various journalists on the subject of electronic vote counting.  The Commission confirms that the counting of votes of the European Parliament Elections and of the Local Council Elections, which are being held in conjunction on 25th May, 2019, will be carried out by an Electronic Vote Counting System (E.V.C.S.).  The Commission affirms its satisfaction that the E.V.C.S. guarantees the correct result reflecting the electorate’s vote.


Together with the Contractor, the Electoral Commission shall in the coming weeks continue to tweak the system, and to undertake further tests in the presence of political parties, such as to ensure a more efficient system to the benefit of all concerned.  The Commission is convinced of the system’s precision and of achieving its objective to issue the final result of the European Parliament election much earlier than ever before, viz:-  late on Sunday, 26th May or early morning of Monday, 27th May.   The Electoral Commission plans to count the votes of the 68 local councils with the same E.V.C.S. method on the 29th, 30th and 31st May, 2019.


24th January, 2019