Publication of notices in the Government Gazette of new door numbers

Tags: Address Management Unit



The Address Management Unit within the Electoral Office notifies the residents of:

Misraħ l-Arċisqof Gonzi, Sqaq Ernle Bradford, Triq il-Frejgatina, Triq il-Kajjik, Sqaq il-Kan. Ġużepp, Azzopardi, Triq il-Luzzu, Triq Malta Rebbieħa, Triq ir-Regatta 1969 and Ix-Xatt, Il-Kalkara.


that the doors in these streets have been officially assigned new door numbers.  The notice has been published in the Government Gazette of 14th May, 2021, and may be viewed on the Electoral Commission’s website ( under the Publications section.  Residents are reminded that by law they are obliged to affix the new door number and to remove the old one within 30 calendar days from 14th May, 2021.


18th May, 2021