MEP 2024 - non Maltese EU citizens who wish to vote in Malta

Tags: European Elections and Local Councils



European Parliament Election – June 2024

NOTIFICATION by the Electoral Commission addressed to resident non-Maltese EU citizens who wish to vote in Malta for candidates standing for elections in Malta.


  • Those persons already in possession of a valid Residence Card issued by Identità who had originally opted not to vote in Malta (ie, they would vote in their home country) may become registered voters by completing an appropiate application form which needs to be received at the Electoral Office by 15th April, 2024.  Said form may be obtained from the Electoral Office (Naxxar and Rabat, Gozo), from the Electoral Commission’s website, from Local Council Offices and from Police Stations.


  • Those persons who do not possess a valid Residence Card issued by Identità need to apply at the Identità, Triq il-Wied, L-Imsida, as soon as possible before the publication of the Electoral Register valid for the Election of Members to European Parliament.  Upon doing so they must clearly sign their intention to vote in Malta binding themselves not to vote in this election in their home country.


15th March, 2024